Microsoft Edge and your PWA: Service Worker ahead

Update 12.06.2017

Also with the latest Insider Preview 16215 unfortunately nothing has changed and the issues are still there. I will give an update if there is a new update available.

Stay tuned :)

Update 22.05.2017:

I have installed the latest Insider Preview 16199 but unfortunately nothing has changed so we have to continue waiting for a working Service Worker with Edge.

Stay tuned :)

Update 12.05.2017:

With the latest Insider Preview 16193 Microsoft updated Microsoft Edge again. With this update, Service Workers are now available. But unfortunately, they aren't working correctly so you can't use them now. Caches aren’t available and registering for push ends in an error. Also, the developer tools for Service Worker aren’t responding.

Hopefully Microsoft will fix this soon.
I will keep you up-to-date!


With the latest Insider Preview Build Microsoft has silently prepared its browser Edge to handle with PWAs. They integrated new flags to activate Service Workers, the Notification API, the Sync API and the Cache Storage of the browser.

Edge Service Worker

If you have installed the preview build you can activate the new functions with about:flags in your browser.
But you have be patient. It seems that the flag Enable service workers is not working yet at the moment. Maybe the flag will work after the Microsoft Build Conference when a new preview build is available. Because the Service Worker is not available the other APIs aren’t that useful at the moment, but a look into the browser’s console shows that they are already available at runtime.

Native APIs

So, it is only a matter of time till the Service Worker will also be available. Until the new preview build is out you can have a look how Service Workers are working in Edge on the Channel 9 video in the Progressive Web App talk of the Build Conference.

I will keep you updated when I have new information.
Exciting times!

Stay tuned and have fun. :-)